Order Management System

As companies grow, their existing order management software solutions may not be adequate to maintain top-line sales or a competitive marketing advantage. You’ll face many questions, such as:

  • Is the technology and functionality in the application strong enough to manage and grow the business?
  • Should I continue to develop my own applications or should I contemplate evaluating commercially available solutions?
  • How do I know if I am with the right vendor—one who is keeping up with the speed of the industry or best practices?
  • How do I decide between Software as a Service (SaaS), licensed On-Premise applications, or applications developed internally?
Developing a long-term system strategy includes understanding the features and functions available, the hardware requirements, the timelines necessary for each option, the capital investments required, and the cost/benefits of implementing a chosen strategy. F . Curtis Barry & Company will listen to your plans, understand your uniqueness, and work collaboratively with your company to develop a strategy to meet your long-term systems goals and objectives. Compiling your requirements, we look to match your needs with the right order management software package. By combining our industry expertise as seasoned OMS consultants with your business requirements and best practices, we can assist you in implementing the strategy that is right for your company.